Waipahu Intermediate School


Due to the schools location, Waipahu Intermediate School students face many difficulties, primarily because they must live within a setting rife with poverty, crime and drug abuse. Thus, making afterschool programs that much more valuable. The R.E.A.C.H. Initiative has since provided funding of $40,000 to Waipahu Intermediate School, allowing for the development “Project Akamai.” The projects goals include: promoting social-emotional and physical wellness to students through alternate activities, and by enabling students to make meaningful decisions in life. This will be achieved through activities such as: Chorus and Dance, Cross Country, Flag Football, Bowling, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, and Track and Field. Collectively these activities will be provided to over 520 Waipahu Intermediate School students annually, an additional 610 students from across the Leeward district, as well as another 300 students from outside the Leeward district.