Waiakea Intermediate School


Waiakea Intermediate School, located in Hilo, Hawaii has received $70,000 through the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative. This funding will allow for existing afterschool services to continue to be offered, in partnership with Waiakea Intermediate School’s UPLINK program, as well as the future development of five new school clubs in addition to the existing 22 clubs, that include: the Community Service Club, which will give students the chance to become involved in various service projects through club field trips; the Chorus Club, grants students the opportunity to develop voice and performance skills as well as to perform professionally as musicians; the Photography Club provides students the chance to learn the basic aesthetic and technical skills of digital photography, as both a hobby and potential career path, along with the experience of participating in an art exhibition; the Nutrition Club gives students the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits and activities to create simple snacks; the Book Club will explore various genres of books, allowing students to engage in and discuss their interests. The R.E.A.C.H. Initiative will also support a year-end closing ceremony, which will give recognition to student government and club achievements.