Waikoloa Middle School


Through the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative, Waikoloa Middle School, located in a remote part of the island of Hawaii, has received $37,900 of funding. The initiative will allow for the development of programs such as: the Waikoloa Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance (WAPISA), which will provide cultural events, community service, as well as academic and social support for the Asian and Pacific Islander student population; the Waikoloa Art Guild, which aims at inspiring and showcasing students with an interest in the arts; the Waikoloa Cross Country program, giving students the chance to learn team work and sportsmanship through an active lifestyle, while gaining recognition for their achievements; and the Waikoloa Robotics STEM Club, which will incorporate the fields of science, math, engineering and technology through the lens of problem-based learning and creative development.