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The middle school years are so critical in a young adolescent’s life. Students face many challenges at this age, making them especially vulnerable to peer pressure and risky behavior. In Hawaii, nearly 70,000 school-age children are left alone and unsupervised each day during the hours after school. Thousands of kids are arrested each year in Hawaii for cutting class, only to be thrown through the revolving doors of the juvenile justice system. We have an abnormally high number of status offenses – like truancy, smoking, and running away. Over the past decade, roughly half of all juvenile arrests in Hawaii were status offenses compared to the rest of the nation where status offenses generally comprise only 10 percent of those arrests.You can help ensure that our youth stay engaged in school and on the right path to high school graduation. Investing in quality afterschool programs is needed now more than ever. REACH offers parents a peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe, supervised, and engaged in activities that match their interests until they can get home from work each day. Join us by donating to REACH Out Hawaii and mailing your check to:

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