Working Group

A working group was established to assist the Advisory Board with developing the long-term structure of REACH and to help gather information and provide recommendations.

The group is made up of four principals, three administrators from the Department of Education, and the REACH coordinator from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Raymond Fujino, DOE Athletics Administrator; Debra Badua, Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School Principal; Marlene Zeug, DOE Wraparound Services Coordinator; Camille Masutomi, DOE Assurance Lead Portfolio Manager; John Costales, Kalama Intermediate Principal; Michael Harano, Washington Middle School Principal; Denise Iseri-Matsubara, Lieutenant Governor’s Office REACH Coordinator; Edralyn Caberto, Office of Youth Services Program Specialist; Merton Chinen, Office of Youth Services Program Manager; David Hipp, Office of Youth Services Executive Director.

Not shown: Sheena Alaiasa, King Intermediate School Principal; Raechelle Fabrao, Waianae Intermediate School Principal; Lisa Souza, Waiakea Intermediate School Principal; Noel Richardson, Waimanalo Intermediate School Principal.

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