Kalanianaole Elementary & Middle School Hawaii

Located in the rural town of Papaʿikou on the island of Hawaii, Kalanianaʿole Elementary & Middle School represents a small community with an average income nearly $20,000 less than the state average income. With $45,000 of additional R.E.A.C.H. Initiative funding being provided to Kalanianaʿole Elementary & Middle School, students are fortunate to continue their involvement in existing programs, which have already proven to impact students in a positive way. Through these after-school programs and clubs, students have developed school pride, self-esteem and the desire to continue their educational journeys. By offering tutoring and creating clubs that target student interests, such as: science, art, hula, ʿukulele, running and basketball, students are actively engaged in their educational development. Through continued support and funding from the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative, students at Kalanianaʿole Elementary & Middle School may successfully enter the next phase of their lives.

Moanalua Middle School

Through the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative, Moanalua Middle School located in central Oahu, has received $10,750, supplemented by an additional $3,000 in donation funds. Together, these funds will allow for the development of after school programs which include: Athletics, where students may learn teamwork, sportsmanship, pride, respect and responsibility; and Robotics, in which students may become experienced in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, while developing problem solving and other industry necessary skills competing in VEX competitions. Through these programs students can discover new interests and cultivate a passion for learning.

Molokai Middle School

The After School Program developed at Molokai Middle School with the support of the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative funding has extended student learning opportunities into extracurricular areas, normally not provided for a school with their existing budget, such as: the arts, performing arts, music, sports, and multi-media technology. Each of these activities allow students to explore different interests, while encouraging family and community involvement. Continued R.E.A.C.H. Initiative funding of $30,000 to Molokai Middle School has since provided programs such as: Reach Out Study Hall, which provides support for students who are considered “at risk” for academic achievement; Bridges: Engineering Class, where students may explore the field of engineering by competing in state wide competitions; Building Success: College and Career Readiness, giving students the opportunity to develop interview and business skills; Cultural Stewardship, in partnership with the Molokai Land Trust, students can learn about restoration and preservation of the community land preserve in Mokio, as well as learn how to video, edit and produce a documentary showcasing their learning; Molokai Legends, where students can interpret Molokai legend through drawing and painting, playwriting, dancing, singing/chanting and acting; Slam Poetry, in which students can experience the creative process of poetry writing, performance, and the development of presentation skills that will carry into adulthood; and the Cheerleading/ Pep Squad, allowing students to be active, build fitness and develop a knowledge of nutrition and wellness.

Kapolei Middle School

Mr. James Muraoka, Physical Education Department Head at Kapolei Middle wrote, “Currently the R.E.A.C.H. grant has serviced approximately 200 students. Programs that the grant has funded are basketball, flag football, track and field, soccer, cross-country, and even choir. Funds were also utilized to support the schools VEX and Skills USA Teams. Students are so proud to represent our school in these various events and this truly provides them with out of school opportunities to take part in real world experiences with their teachers, coaches, and peers.

Through these experiences, we have seen improvement in grades, a lot more care and effort being put into schoolwork and many positive relationships being made. Also, being granted $25,000 to utilize toward supplies, equipment, personnel, and uniforms, we are now able to service students wholeheartedly to take care of their needs while in the middle school.”

Kahuku High & Intermediate School

Having received funding of $30,000 from the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative, Kahuku High & Middle School can place into action the Red Raider for Life (RR4L)/Reach Program that was designed and selected by the student body. Through the RR4L Program, students will be able to participate in activities that range from: Dance Team, Science Club, Green Club, Chess Club, Art Club, Math Club, Culinary Club, Peer Education Club, Sewing Club, Water Polo Club, and the Polynesian Club. Along with intramural sports such as: soccer, volleyball, frisbee, basketball, and TRIBES encouraging team building, and leadership, which incorporate academic enrichment, arts, culture and athletics, as well as career skills, college readiness and service to the surrounding community. Kahuku High & Intermediate’s School Based Health Center (SBHC) will be providing participating students each semester with a comprehensive health record, allowing them to track personal wellness and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Kalama Intermediate School

Kalama Intermediate School, located on the Western slope of Haleakala in rural Upcountry Maui, welcomes students from five communities (Haiku, Paia, Makawao, Kula and Pukalani) which collectively makes up the largest school district on Maui. R.E.A.C.H. Initiative funding of $40,000 allows Kalama Intermediate School to continue to offer exploratory elective courses, such as media, art, band, ukulele, cooking, sewing, and a Physical Education program, which serves as a model for the Maui District. Existing after school programs which will receive support from additional funding include: the Fishing Club, Future Homemakers of America Club, Chess Club, Engineers Club, and various sports such as, football, basketball, cross country and volleyball. Elective courses and after school programs like these encourage students to remain engaged in school, while preparing themselves for the future.

Kalakaua Middle School

Through partnership between the R.E.A.C.H. Initiative and After-School All-Stars Hawaii (ASAS Hawaii), Kalakaua Middle School will now be able to provide year-round comprehensive after-school programming for at least 180 students, who previously were determined to be “at-risk” children. Funding of $40,000 will go towards opportunities such as: Academic and Homework support, in efforts to enhance their educational development; the “We Ready” transitional program for high school readiness; Life Skills Development courses with focus in cooking, financial literacy and budgeting; Youth Leadership activities in order to promote environmental awareness and student-led success; and the “The Sports Showdown,” a multi-sport competition between schools, encouraging an athletic and healthy lifestyle.